The Prepress section is run by 5 to 7 employees, depending on the work flow, distributed to the following three divisions:

Proof preparation

 - Epson for proof & color print 9800
 - Epson for proof & blue color print 9880
 - Sherpa 43

Film preparation

 - Avantra 46 (image setter)

Plate preparation

old system
 - Kally ARK 70X100
 - Processor Imaf plate (114x141)
New system (CTP)
 - Agfa Avalon
 - Agfa Excaliber VLF 50 (largest in the world)
 - Agfa Excaliber VLF70 (largest in the world)

The premises include a warehouse for raw material (ink, films, chemicals, paper, plates and glue, mechanical products and many others...) and a vast, well equipped area for storing finished goods that are ready to be shipped to the end receiver.
The IP is kept at its best form with the help of our on location Maintenance Department and the 12 skilled, fully equipped technicians running it.