IP is distinguished from other printing firms by its incomparable experience and reputation for producing high-quality printing in a minimum amount of time, so as to meet deadlines set by clients from across the globe. IP provides a wide range of printing-related services, using high-technology machines adapted for photography, printing, folding, sewing, binding, cutting and packing. Below is the list of machines we use for each section.


 - Agfa Avalonte (70*100 cm)
 - Agfa Excalibur VLF 50 (98*124.6 cm)
 - Agfa Excalibur VLF 70 (98*124.6 cm)
 - Epson for Proof & Color Print 9800
 - Epson for Proof & Blue Color Print 9880
 - Grand Sherpa (Epson T 7000)